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Gastronomy & Hospitality – With the creation of Schumann’s House Japan, our aim is to extend the concept and experience gained over the past forty years within our company Schumann’s GmbH, located in the heart of Munich, Germany.
Schumann’s owns three bars which are all designed, produced and directed by Mr. Charles Schumann himself. Schumann’s gastronomy and hospitality concept has been widely recognised not only in Germany but also worldwide. Therefore the philosophy and energy behind Schumann’s Bar in Munich is the source of our inspiration and the model we follow at Schumann’s House Japan.

Based in Karuizawa & Kyoto.


Our Japanese organic tea selection is available since winter 2021 in the market.

Charles Schumann

Charles Schumann founder and owner of the world well known Schumann’s American Bar opened since 1982 in Munich.
In the meantime, the Schumann’s Bar am Hofgarten has moved to Odeonsplatz and opened a second bar called Les Fleurs du Mal, and the Schumann’s Tagesbar in the center of the city. Charles Schumann has remained true to his principles: he simply wants to have things the simple way. Cocktails? Preferably classic and with just a few ingredients. Good service, the best quality, no frills. More than anything else, Charles likes things honest and direct. Founder of Schumann’s House Japan.

Maria Cobo

Born into a food oriented family. Ecuadorian – German citizen based in Kyoto and Karuizawa -Japan.
Gastronomist and Cook Maria Cobo holds a bachelor degree in Food Culture and Gastronomic Sciences, and a Master degree in Food Culture and Communications, Representation – Meaning and Media from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. Wine studies at the German Wine Sommelier School. — Wine studies in Bordeaux. — Throughout her experience working at Schumann’s Bar in Munich (Germany) for many years, alongside its owner and founder Mr. Charles Schumann, Maria Cobo has taken responsibility over the bar kitchen at the Schumann’s American Bar, opened the Schumann’s Tagesbar, and worked at Schumann’s Bar am Hofgarten.

2015 she moved to Tokyo and started working and learning at the Kaiseki Kinsaryu Yanagihara cooking school of traditional Japanese cuisine. This has moved her to embrace the Japanese culture, language, and tradition, which she has taken as a guide for upcoming projects.

2020 Founder of Schumann’s House Japan. SHJ is the daughter company of the Schumann’s company in Germany and produces and import organic Japanese Green Premium Tea to Europe.
Since 2020 haluta consultant. Communications, branding, food & beverage for haluta bageri. Since 2021 Kinsaryu Koushi of traditional Japanese cuisine. Consultant and freelance at the Cooking school. Currently collaborating with the new online Japanese cooking school project of Kinsaryu.
2023 FOH Denmark restaurant noma Kyoto team member.
Currently, production and direction of haluta hotelli in Karuizawa. (opening in Summer 2023)

On the side, Maria is a consultant for gastronomy concepts and restaurants in Japan, and restaurant evaluator in Tokyo. She continues training her cooking skills at the cooking school. — Kyudo (Japanese Archery) training at the Meiji JinguShiseikan Budojou.

To say that something taste good is not enough for me. I definitely love this profession because of the endless source of inspiration we find in nature, in people and places. Food is the best guide to embrace life as it is, to be creative and to enjoy the company of others. I will never get tired of learning something new and want to share all the beauty and immense power of food.


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